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Great stories can’t wait for more

Excellent story telling, and of course, wonderfully produced.

Storytelling done well

The first episode on Jeff and Andrea was lovely. I only wish that there were more episodes to listen to. Excited to see what comes next for Rick!

Stellar story and production

This podcast is excellently crafted and well thought out. It truly shares the importance of preserving family stories; an ancient custom that lives on through this podcast.

Jeff and Andrea

Rick, as I listened to your podcast regarding your parents I realized how little I actually knew about how they first met. I not only found it informative but very entertaining. At times I experienced uncontrolled laughter. I applaud you and your family for doing a great job. As always I am proud to be your grandpa.

Awesome show!

I very much enjoyed listening to this podcast! Family history is so important to preserve.

Sincerely great show

As well-produced as it is wholesome